The Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) is a new intervention that is building on established Community Driven Development (CDD) structures to effectively target social and environmental infrastructure at the community level as well as improve LGA responsibility to service delivery in Nigeria. The project has been in Bauchi state as an agency by an act of the legislature since 2009.


Objectives of CSDP

CSDP is pursuing its overall development goal of poverty reduction using the Community Driven Development (CDD) mechanism by empowering communities to plan, part-finance, implement, monitor and maintain sustainable and socially inclusive multi-sectoral micro-projects.

Key Areas of Support and Accomplishments

The CSDP is supporting communities in the state to identify needs and articulate their aspirations in the following key areas:

  • Education: Building/renovations of blocks of classroom schools, provision of furniture and teachers staff quarters – 54 micro projects.
  • Health: Construction and rehabilitation of Health clinics, Dispensaries, Maternities, Staff Quarters and equipping them – 139 projects.
  • Environmental sector: Construction of drainages, drifts, culverts, channelization of flood waters and half-bridges – 15 projects.
  • Gender and Vulnerable - 38
  • Rural Electrification: Linking communities to the national grid, provision of transformers and construction of power lines – 28 projects.
  • Water: Drilling/Rehabilitation of Hand pump boreholes, digging of concrete wells, Drilling of Motorized Boreholes and De-silting of Mini Earth Dams. – 287 projects.
  • Socio-economic Sector: Construction and rehabilitation of Market Stalls, Lock up shops and Provision of Canoes – 12 projects/
  • Transport Sector: Construction/rehabilitation of Earth Roads. – 7 projects.
  • From the foregoing so far, CSDP has approve 746 micro project across the 20 LGA, 572 have been completed and put to use, 90 are ongoing while 93 are yet to commence.

Funding Duration & Coverage

The source of funding is the World Bank and the project credit amount is 17 million Dollars. The project is designed to intervene in local government areas that fall below the poverty index as outlined by the poverty map undertaken by The Bauchi state agency in collaboration with the state planning commission.