YESSO/CSDA Implementation Challenges

  • Budget ceilings in some critical categories of expenditure by the World Bank.
  • Non-provision of starter pack for S4J beneficiaries.
  • Inadequate working tools for the PWF beneficiaries.
  • Non-commencement of life skills activities for PWF beneficiaries.
  • Lack of motivation for CDOs & focal persons for effective implementation.
  • Improvement in the provision of counterpart funding to enable effective and faster access to the world bank funds.
  • Domestication of the CDD approach to governance as a means of faster, more effective and participatory service delivery in the state.

YESSO/CSDA Recommendations

  • There is need to provide Starter pack by the State Government.
  • Need to provide adequate working tools for the beneficiaries.
  • Incentives should be provided to CDOs and communities focal persons.
  • Immediate commencement of life skills activities for PWF beneficiaries.
  • Ceilings given in items should be reviewed in line with the current economic situation.
  • When projects involve the communities’ sustainability and ownership is better assured.
  • The Community Driven Development (CDD) approach employed by the project ensures that projects delivery is more cost effective, faster completion rate and maintenance is more effective.

Planned Initiatives

  • Development of a 5 –Year Strategic Plan for Bauchi State covering 2019-2023.
  • The Plan development process is expected to be guided by a technical 4–step task plan which include:
    1. Formation of the Technical Working Groups based on the key sectors of the state economy.
    2. Engagement of key stakeholders to provide inputs and memoranda to ensure comprehensive coverage and inclusiveness.
    3. Building the foundation for accountability and transparency in the development of the plan and creation of synergy with local and international business and donor community.
    4. Setting the stage for marketing of the strategic development plan for resource leveraging and effective implementation.