As a deliberate policy to attract additional funding sources and increase capacity to implement government socio-economic policies/ programmes, the Department is collaborating with West Africa Institute for Economic and Financial Management (WAIFEM).


The Planning Department is providing technical coordination in the operation of the following World Bank Assisted Projects:

  • Community and Social Development Project (CSDP)- Targets the provision of infrastructure in social sector of the state at the community level. These include the provision schools, water points, health post and others.
  • Nigeria State Health Investment Project (NSHIP)- targeting health infrastructure and challenges affecting the health system delivery system, especially at the community level. These include the conduct of capacity improvement of human resource for health, supporting drug revolving scheme and other medical consumables.
  • Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) Project- Is a poverty reduction project through the state established register of youth and women based on degree of vulnerability. These class of poverty ridden population is targeted for cash transfer to provide some succor and reduce the degree of vulnerability.
  • Nigeria State Health Investment Project Additional Financing (NSHIP)
  • Bauchi State Education Program Investment Project (SEPIP)
  • The Third National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (NUWSRP 3)
  • Rural Access And Mobility Project (RAAMP)
  • Saving One Million Lives (SoML)