The Planning Department is responsible for co-ordinating planning activities across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, local Government Areas as well as managing the existing planning relationship with the Federal Government and other development agencies and partners.

Functions of the Directorate

  • Advice the Government on policies that will best promote the overall Development of the State in line with National Policy Objective.
  • Draw up, from time to time the State economic priorities and programmes and map-up all necessary implementation programmes.
  • Enhance efficiency of public sector spending and general management of the economy in collaboration with Monitoring and Evaluation Department.
  • Coordinates the formulation and implementation of Government programmes as contained in short, medium and long-term plans at the State level.
  • Coordinates technical assistance through multi-lateral and bi-lateral cooperation/agreement including donor support.
  • Preparation of the State Annual Capital Budget.
  • Review of the development plan in line with changing circumstances.
  • Compilation of progress report on the overall development of the State.
  • Coordinates planning activities at local Government level.
  • Coordinates manpower planning activities.

Intergovernmental Collaboration and Coordination

To ensure effective planning in the State, the Planning Department is working with the following bodies:

  1. National planning commission (NPC)
  2. Nigerian institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER)
  3. National Council for Development Planning (NCDP)
  4. Joint Planning Board (JPB)
  5. National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)
  6. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
  7. Centre for Management Development (CMD)

Conduct of Investment Summit

The broad objective for the conduct of the summit is to :

  • Communicate the intention of the present administration to improve the fiscal space of the state economy to foster partnership in the short and medium term strategic implementation of the core initiatives contained in the strategic plan.
  • Showcase the potentials of Bauchi State economy to National and International Business Communities.
  • Map out key activities of the economic development of the State through public private partnership (PPP).

Conduct of Donor Partners

Conduct of Donor Partners forum aimed at:

  • Creating synergy among the Development Partners and implementing MDAs.
  • Mainstreaming the activities of the Development Partners into the State priorities.
  • Sustaining the best practices demonstrated by the Development Partners through budgetary allocations and community ownership.
  • Improving the fiscal space of the government to generate more resources for economic activities.