Functions of the Directorate

  • In June 2016, Government approved the upgrade of the M&E unit to a full fledged Directorate.
  • It is mandated with the responsibility of institutionalizing the M&E framework and structure in all the MDAs and LGAs.
  • To Provide implementation guidelines on the Role, Purpose, Scope of Authority, Responsibility and Duties for the Directorate and other related Units in all MDAs and LGAs in the state.
  • To provide a platform for sharing useful M & E information and knowledge.
  • To coordinate building of consensus interests among M&E Officials who have diverse background as stakeholders.
  • To Provide overall M&E Capacity (Human & Material) requirements for all MDAs and LGAs, including the communities.
  • To ensure that, all M&E processes are Technically and Professionally supported by additional financing arrangements with other Development partners, PPP, CSOs/NGOs and other stakeholders local and international.
  • To ensure the publication of Executive Summary of the Annual State Performance Monitoring Reports.

Achievements So Far, (November, 2016 – December, 2018)

During the period under review, the Directorate recorded the following:

Trainings: In collaboration with a Development Partner (RTI / Lead Project), M&E officers in the Commission and 18 others from identified line MDAs were trained.

M&E Policy Document developed: A State-wide M&E Policy was developed in December, 2017 to guide the implementation of a result based Framework in the state.

Policy implementation Plan: M&E Plan was developed to fast track the process of institutionalizing the framework in the State.

Planned Activities

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Public sector programmes/Projects.
  • Validation ,printing & publication of State M&E Policy document.
  • Conduct impact assessments of social investments and Donor intervention in the State for scale-up. Procurement of ICT related gadgets and equipment (Web-based design / Dash Board).