The Directorate is the nerve center of the Commission. It is charged with responsibility of coordinating general administration of the Commission. It deals with both Personnel and financial matters. The Department consist of Administrative & Executive officers as well as Secretarial and Clerical staff. It also includes Treasury, Stores and Audit staff.

The department has two (2) standing committees:

  1. Senior Staff Management Committee: Is being chaired by Permanent Secretary and all the Directors are members. The Committee handles cases of promotion, appointment and discipline of officers on Gl.07 and above.
  2. Junior Staff Management Committee: The Committee chaired by the Director Administration and Human Resources with members drawn from each directorate. It handles cases of promotion and discipline of Staff ranging from Gl.01 - Gl.06.

The Main duties of the directorate

  • Preparation and conducting promotions and interview for junior staff of the Commission.
  • It serves as the Secretariat for both Senior Management Committee and Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB)
  • Responsible for coordination of all financial activities (salaries, other charges etc).
  • Responsible for Stores Administration.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of Office building and furniture
  • Responsible for the maintenance of official Vehicles
  • Coordinates activities of Other directorates.
  • It handles staff matters (Promotions, welfare, discipline and training etc).
  • Preparation of annual budget and vacancies positions.