Bauchi State Planning Commission

The State Planning Commission was created in November, 2002 Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning. The Commission was primarily charged with the responsibility of coordinating all Economic activities as well as management of resources for the overall development of the State. It also coordinate the activities of all Development Partners in the State.

In 2014, the State House of Assembly enacted a law which transformed it from Ministry of Budget and Planning to State Planning Commission in line with National Policy, which required States Planning Agencies to transform into Commissions.

Functions of the Commission

The State Planning Commission was established to discharge the following functions:

  • To advise the Government on all economic policies that will best promote the overall development of the State in line with the National policy objectives.
  • To draw up, from time to time, the State economic priorities and programmes and map out all necessary implementation strategies.
  • To enhance the efficiency of public sector spending and General Management of the Economy.
  • To coordinate the formulation and implementation of Government Programmes as contained in short, medium and perspective plans.
  • To co-ordinate Technical Assistance through bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Co-operation/Agreements, including Development Aids and Grants.
  • To prepare the State Annual Capital and Recurrent Budget and ensure strict compliance in its implementation .
  • To serves as the data-bank of the State Government. in collecting, collating and analysing socio-economic data useful for planning and policy purposes.
  • To conduct socio-economic research, as well as research in problematic programme/projects.
  • Responsible for Manpower Planning in the State.

Structure of the Commission

The Commission has Five (5) Directorates, each is being headed by a Director.

The Commission has total of 136 staff as follows:

  • Controlled staff (from OHCS, AG, Central stores)   =   14
  • Senior Staff Gl.07 and above (SPC)   =   104
  • Junior Staff 01-06 (SPC)   =   18